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Working Papers

 Working Paper 72: Agriculture Public Expendure Review at the County Level

Timothy Njagi,Nancy Laibuni, Ladisy Chengula and Miltone Ayieko

    Working Paper 71: Strengthening Seed Systems and Market Development in Kenya:Perspectives on Political Economy and Policy Processes

Miltone Ayieko Hannington Odame and John Olwande

  Working Paper 70: A Multi-Phase Assessment of the Effects of COVID-19 on Food Systems and Rural Livelihoods in Kenya

Olwande, J.; Ayieko, M.; Mukundi, J. and Odhiambo, N. (2021)

  Working Paper 69: Effects of County Cess on Costs and Returns in the Maize and Irish Potatoes Sectors in Kenya

Ephiphania Kinyumu, Nicholas Odhiambo, Simon Kimenju and Lilian Kirimi

  Working Paper 68: The Status of the Agricultural Sector after Devolution to County Governments

Timothy Njagi, Lilian Kirimi, Kevin Onyango, and Ephiphania Kinyumu

  Working Paper 67: Farm Household’s Participation in Governance: Lessons From Devolved Systems in Kenya

Ephiphania Kinyumu, Tim Njagi & Lilian Kirimi

  Working Paper 66: Credit Constraints, Off-Farm Participation and Productivity; Case of Kenyan Rural Sector

Timothy Njagi Njeru, Priscilla Wainaina, Kevin Onyango

  Working Paper 65: Land Tenure and the Sustainability of Pastoral Productive Systems: A Comparative Institutional Analysis of the Andean Altiplano and the East African Savannah

Gerardo Damonte, Tim Njagi, Lilian Kirimi, Manuel Glave and Sandra Rodriguez 

  Working Paper 64Farmers Willingness to Pay and the Sustainability of Irrigated Maize Production in Rural Kenya

Dennis Otieno, Nicholas Odhiambo and Hillary Bii 

  Working Paper 63: The Evolution of Collective Land Access Regimes in Pastoralist Societies: Lessons from East African Countries

Tim Njagi, Lilian Kirimi, Ephiphania Kinyumu 

  Working Paper 62: Agricultural Information Sources and their Effect on Farm Productivity in Kenya

Rosina Wanyama, Mary W. K Mathenge, Zachary Simba

  Working Paper 61: Land Degradation, Tenure, and Poverty: A Geospatial Analysis of Socio-ecological Systems in Western Kenya

Valerie Graw, Melinda Smale, Gunter Menz 

  Working Paper 60-Climate, Shocks, Weather and Maize Intensification Decisions in Rural Kenya

Bozzola Martina, Melinda Smale   and Salvatore Di Falco

  Working Paper 59-Modeling the Effects of Input Market Reforms on Fertilizer Demand and Maize Production: A Case Study from Kenya

Megan Sheahan, Joshua Ariga, and T.S. Jayne

  Working Paper 58-A Review Paper on Large scale Irrigation in Kenya: A Case Study of Maize

Leonard Haggai Oduori and Timothy Njeru

  Working Paper 57-Let it Rain: Weather Extremes and Household Welfare in Rural Kenya

Ayala Wineman, Nicole M. Mason, Justus Ochieng and Lilian Kirimi

  Working Paper 56-The Effects of Kenya's 'Smarter' Input Subsidy Program on Smallholder Behaviour and Incomes: Do Different Quasi-Experimential Approaches Lead to the same Conclusion?

Nicole M. Mason, Ayala Wineman, Lilian Kirimi and David Mather

  Working Paper 55-Effects of Climate Variability and Change on Agricultural Production: The Case of Small-Scale Farmers in Kenya

Justus Ochieng, Lilian Kirimi, Mary Mathenge and Raphael Gitau

  Working Paper 54-Adaptation to Rising Population Density: Voices from Rural Kenya

Daniel Kyalo Willy, Milu Muyanga and T.S. Jayne

  Working Paper 53-Nonfarm work and fertilizer use among smallholder farmers in Kenya : A cross-crop comparison3Working Papers

Melinda Smale, Mary K. Mathenge and Joseph Opiyo

  Working Paper 52-Targeting of Subsidized Fertilizer Under Kenya's National Accelerated Agricultural Input Access Program (NAAIAP)

Megan Sheahan, John Olwande, Lilian Kirimi, and T.S. Jayne

  Working Paper 51-The Impact of Maize Hybrids on Income, Poverty and Inequality among Smallholder farmers in Kenya

Mary K. Mathenge, Melinda Smale, and John Olwande

  Working Paper 50-Community's Voice/Presence in Governance of Food Security Related Initiatives: The Case of Kirinyaga West and Mbeere South Districts in Central Kenya

Mercy Kamau, Raphael Gitau, Moses Matui

  Working Paper 49-A Stochastic Production Function Analysis of Maize Hybrids and Yield Variability in Drought-Prone Areas of Kenya

Ashley D. Jones, Timothy J. Dalton, and Melinda Smale

  Working Paper 48-Is Older Better? Maize Hybrid Change on Household Farms in Kenya

Melinda Smale and John Olwande

  Working Paper 47-The Impact of Certification on Smallholder fee Farmers in Kenya: The case of UTZ program

Mercy Kamau, Lawrence Mose, Ricardo Fort and Ruerd Ruben

  Working Paper 45-Trade and Agricultural Competitiveness for Growth, Food Security and Poverty Reduction: A Case of Wheat and Rice Production in Kenya

Raphael Gitau, Samuel Mburu, Mary K. Mathenge and Melinda Smale

  Working Paper 44-A farm gate-to-consumer value chain analysis of Kenya's maize marketing system

Lilian Kirimi, Nicholas Sitko, T.S. Jayne, Francis Karin, Milu Muyanga, Megan Sheahan, James Flock, and Gilbert Bor

  Working Paper 43-Productivity trends and performance of dairy farming in Kenya

Stella Wambugu, Lilian Kirimi and Joseph Opiyo

  Working Paper 42-Market participation among poor rural households in Kenya

John Olwande and Mary Mathenge

  Working Paper 41b-Food Security in Urban Households: An Analysis of the Prevalence and Depth of Hunger in Nairobi and its Relationship to Food Expenditure

Mercy Kamau, James Githuku and John Olwande

  Working Paper 41a-Consumption and Expenditures on Key Food Commodities in Urban Households: The Case of Nairobi

Mercy Kamau, John Olwande and James Githuku 

  Working Paper 40-Maize Revolutions in Sub-Saharan Africa

Melinda Smale, Derek Byerlee, and T.S. Jayne

  Working Paper 39-Pathways into and out of Poverty: A Study of Rural Household Wealth Dynamics in Kenya

Milu Muyanga, T.S. Jayne, and William J. Burke

  Working Paper 38-Impacts of Usaid/Kenya supported Agricultural Productivity Interventions on Household Income and Poverty Reduction

James F. Oehmke, Thom S. Jayne, Sarma B. Aralas, and Mary K. Mathenge

  Working Paper 37-Has Kenyan Farmers' Access To Markets And Services Improved? Panel Survey Evidence, 1997-2007

Jordan Chamberlin and T.S. Jayne

  Working Paper 36-Agricultural Policy-Making in Sub Saharan Africa: APRM Process in Kenya

Simon Kimenju, Raphael Gitau, Betty Kibaara, James Nyoro, Michael Bruntrup, Roukayatou Zimmermann

  Working Paper 35-Agricultural Policy-Making in Sub Saharan Africa: CAADP Progress in Kenya

Betty Kibaara, Raphael Gitau, Simon Kimenju, James Nyoro, Michael Bruntrup, Roukayatou Zimmermann

   Working Paper 34-Agricultural Policy-Making in Sub Saharan Africa: Kenya's Past Policies Working paper 34-Agricultural Policy-Making in Sub Saharan Africa: Kenya's Past Policies

Raphael Gitau, Simon Kimenju, Betty Kibaara, James Nyoro, Michael Bruntrup, Roukayatou Zimmermann

  Working Paper 33-Off-Farm Work And Farm Production Decisions: Evidence From Maize-Producing Households In Rural Kenya

Mathenge, Mary, Tschirley, David

  Working Paper 32- Assessment Of Kenya's Domestic Horticultural Production And Marketing Systems And Lessons For The Future

Tschirley, David; Ayieko, Miltone

  Working Paper 31-Trends In Kenyan Agricultural Productivity: 1997-2007

Kibaara, Betty, Ariga, Joshua, Olwande, John, Jayne, Thom

  Working Paper 30-Rural Incomes, Inequality And Poverty Dynamics In Kenya

Suri, Tavneet, Tschirley, David, Irungu, Charity, Gitau, Raphael, Kariuki, Daniel

  Working Paper 29-Agriculture And Livelihood Diversification In Kenyan Rural Households

Kimenju, Simon, Tschirley, David

  Working Paper 28-Trends and Patterns in Fertilizer Use by Smallholder Farmers in Kenya, 1997-2007

Ariga, Joshua, Jayne, Thom, Kibaara, Betty, Nyoro, James

  Working Paper 27-Enhancing Access and Utilization of Quality Seed for improved Food Security in Kenya

Ayieko, Miltone, Tschirley, David

  Working Paper 26-Agricultural Extension in Kenya: Practice and Policy Lessons

Muyanga, Milu, Jayne, Thomas

  Working Paper 25-Rural Financial Services in Kenya: What is Working and Why?

Kibaara Betty

  Working Paper 24-Factors Driving the Growth in Fertilizer Consumption in Kenya, 1990-2005: Sustaining the Momentum in Kenya and Lessons for Broader Replicability in Sub-Saharan Africa

Ariga, Joshua, Jayne, Thomas, Nyoro, James

  Working Paper 23-Beef and Dairy Cattle Improvement Services: A Policy Perspective

Gamba, Paul

  Working Paper 22-Seasonal Analysis of Selected Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Prices at Wholesale Level in Key Urban Markets of Kenya

Mathenge, Mary, Tschirley, David

   Working Paper 21-Rural Poverty Dynamics, Agricultural Productivity and Access to Resources

Gamba, Paul, Mghenyi, Elliot

   Working Paper 20-Background document on Umbrella Legislation for kenyan Agriculture

Argwings-Kodhek, Gem

   Working Paper 19-Staple Food Consumption Patterns in Urban Kenya: Trends and Policy Implications

Muyanga, Milu, Jayne, Thomas, Kodhek, Gem, Ariga, Joshua

   Working Paper 18-Consumption Patterns of Dairy products in Kenya's Urban Centers: Report from an Urban Household Survey

Kodhek, Gem, Mboyi, Felix, Muyanga, Milu, Gamba, Paul

   Working Paper 17- Urban domestic consumption Patterns for meat: Trends and Policy Implications

Gamba, Paul

   Working Paper 16-Fresh Fruit And Vegetable Consumption Patterns And Supply Chain Systems In Urban Kenya: Implications For Policy And Investment Priorities

Ayieko, Milton, Tschirley, David, Mathenge, Mary

   Working Paper 15-Effects of government maize Marketing trade Policies on maize Market Prices in Kenya

Jayne, Thomas, Meyers, Robert, Nyoro, James

   Working Paper 14-Preparation of an Inventory of Research Work Undertaken in Agricultural / Rural Sector in Kenya

Nyoro, James, Ariga, Joshua

   Working Paper 12-Feast and Famine: Financial Services for Rural Kenya

Argwings-Kodhek, Gem

   Working Paper 11-Working-Age Adult Mortality and Primary School Attendance in Rural Kenya

Yamano, Takashi, Jayne, Thomas

   Working Paper 10-Competitiveness of Kenyan and Ugandan Maize Production: Challenges for the Future

Nyoro, James, Kirimi, Lilian, Jayne, Thomas

   Working Paper 8c-Improving Kenya's Domestic Horticultural Production and Marketing System: Current Competitiveness, Forces of Change, and Challenges for the Future - Volume III: Horticultural Research And Input Sector Regulation In Kenya And Tanzania

Muendo, Kavoi, Tschirley, David, Weber, Michael

   Working Paper 8b-Improving Kenya's Domestic Horticultural Production and Marketing System: Current Competitiveness, Forces of Change, and Challenges for the Future - Volume II: Horticultural Marketing

Muendo, Kavoi, Tschirley, David, Weber, Michael

   Worrking Paper 8a-Improving Kenya's Domestic Horticultural Production and Marketing System: Current Competitiveness, Forces of Change, and Challenges for the Future - Volume1:Horticultural Production

Muendo, Kavoi, Tschirley, David, Weber, Michael

   Working Paper 7-Developing Income Proxy Models for use by the USAID Mission in Kenya: A Technical Report

Tschirley, David, Mathenge, Mary

   Working Paper 6-Developing Income Proxy Models for Use by Title II-funded NGOs in Kenya: A Technical Report for NGOs and USAID/Kenya

Tschirley, David, Mathenge, Mary

   Working Paper 5-Measuring the Effects of Prime-age Adult Mortality in Kenya

Yamano, Takashi, Jayne, Thomas

   Working Paper 4-Increasing Kenya's Agricultural Competitiveness: Farm Level Issues

Nyoro, James, Wanzala, Maria, Awour, Tom

   Working Paper 3-Fertilizer Markets and Agricultural Production Incentives: Insights from Kenya

Wanzala, M. Nyoro, James, Staatz, Mugera, A. Kirimi, J. Owuor

   Working Paper 2b-Do Farmers Really Benefit From High Food Prices? Balancing Rural Interests in Kenya's Maize Pricing and Marketing Policy

Jayne, Thomas, Yamano, Takashi, Nyoro, James, Awuor, Tom

   Working Paper 2a-Evolution of Kenya's Maize Marketing Systems in the Post-Liberalization Era

Nyoro, James, Mathenge, Mary, Jayne, Thomas

   Working Paper 1-Fertilizer Trade under Market Liberalization: Preliminary Evidence from Kenya

Omamo, Steven, Mose, Lawrence