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Climate Change 

Climate change and variability continues to be a major global challenge.  The agricultural sector is especially vulnerable to climate change as it is mainly dependent on rainfall and other weather variables. With majority of the population depending on agriculture for their livelihood, climate change therefore poses a great threat on food security and may result in more households falling into poverty. Effective policy-making and design of strategies for mitigation and adaptation on farming depend fundamentally on plausible empirical evidence, seeking to establish the constraints to smallholder farmer’s resilience, and farmers’ perceptions about the threats of climate variability, and identifying opportunities and incentives that enable the farmers to overcome those threats.

Using its rich data, the Institute is conducting a study on the potential effects of climate change and variability on agriculture and rural livelihoods.

The Institute will continue to seek ways of incorporating climate change in its policy research agenda and provide empirical evidence to inform policy in ensuring resilience and adaptation among rural households.