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Policy Briefs

Policy Brief No.41 -Willingness to Pay for Agro-Weather Messages Among Kenyan Farmers

Authors:Dr. Mercy Kamau, John Mburu, Prof. Bradford Mills and Dr. Lilian Kirimi


Policy Brief No.40 -The Political Economy of Kenya’s Agricultural Transformation: A Comparative Value Chains Approach)

Authors:Danielle Resnick,Steve Haggblade,Mercy Kamau and Isaac Minde


  Policy Brief No.39 -Policy options for supporting household food security and resilience in the context of high food, fertilizer,and fuel prices in Kenya

David L. Mather, John Olwande, and Jacob Ricker-Gilbert

  Policy Brief No.38 - Kenya’s Animal Feeds Manufacturing Competitiveness

Timothy Njagi*

  Policy Brief No.37 - Urban and Rural Areas Have Seen Similar Impacts From COVID-19 in Kenya

John Olwande, Timothy Njagi, Miltone Ayieko, Mywish K. Maredia, and David Tschirley

  Policy Brief No.36 - Policy Prioritization through Value Chain Analysis:Deep Dive Analysis on the Coffee Value Chain in Kenya

Timothy Njagi, Sandy Jackson,Marion Delport,Ephiphania Kinyumu & Dipou Boshomane

  Policy Brief No. 35 - Covid-19 Impacts on Food Systems in SSA - Evidence synthesis

Andrew Agyei-Holmes, Ayala Wineman,John Olwande, Emmanuel Mwakiwa, Orcidia T. Chiziane Vilanculos,Amy Faye, Iredele Ogunbayo,Tinashe Kapuya and Thomas S. Jayne

  Policy Brief No. 34 - Adapting to Climate Variability and Change.Insights from Smallholders in Kenya.

Lilian Kirimi, Joyce Makau and Justus Ochieng

  Policy Brief No. 33 - Cost of Production for Irish Potatoes for the 2018 Main  Cropping Season in Kenya

Timothy Njagi, Lilian Kirimi ,  Ephiphania Kinyumu and Hillary Bii

  Policy Brief No. 32 - Cost of Maize Production in Small and Large-Scale Systems for the 2018 Cropping Year Cost of Maize Production in Small and Large-Scale Systems for the 2018 Cropping Year

Timothy Njagi,Lilian Kirimi, Nicholas Odhiambo and Ephiphania Kinyumu

  Policy Brief No. 31 - Food Situation Assessment for 2018/2019

Ephiphania Kinyumu, Nicholas Odhiambo, Hillary Bii and Lilian Kirimi

  Policy Brief No. 30 - Policy Options for Revitalizing the Ailing Sugar Industry in Kenya

Onyango K, Njagi T, Kirimi L and Balieiro S

  Policy Brief No. 29 - Cost of Maize Production in Small and Large-Scale Systems for the 2017 Cropping Year

Kirimi L,Odhiambo N, Onyango K, Kinyumu E, Bii H, , and Njagi T

  Policy Brief No. 28 - Cost of Rice Production Under Irrigated Systems in the 2017 Cropping Year

Kirimi L, Onyango K, Bii H, Kinyumu E, Odhiambo N, and Njagi T

  Policy Brief No. 27 - Food Situation Assessment and Crop Prospects for 2017/2018

Onyango K, Bii H, Odhiambo N, Kinyumu E, Kirimi L, & Ayieko M.

  Policy Brief No. 26 - Why County Governments Should Prioritise Funding for the Agriculture Sector 

Timothy Njagi, Ephiphania Kinyumu, Lilian Kirimi and Kevin Onyango 

  Policy Brief No. 25 - Land Tenure and Pastoral Productive Systems: Sustaining Livelihoods Through Maintenance of Collective Land Access

Tim Njagi, Lilian Kirimi and Ephiphania Kinyumu

  Policy Brief No. 24 - Market Concentration in the Dairy Processing Industry in Kenya and Producer Milk PricesSimon C. Kimenju, Francis Karin and Mary W. Mathenge 

  Policy Brief No. 23 - Changing Consumption Patterns among Rural & Urban Households in Kenya

Kevin Onyango, Tim Njagi,  Ephiphania Kinyumu and Lilian Kirimi

  Policy Brief No. 22 - Policy Options for Sustaining Productive Pastoral Systems

Timothy Njagi, Lilian Kirimi, and Ephiphania Kinyumu

  Policy Brief No. 21. - Agricultural Information Sources and their Effect on Farm Productivity in Kenya

Rosina Wanyama, Mary Mathenge, Zachary Mbaka

  Policy Brief No. 20 - Emerging Land Issues in Kenyan Agriculture and their Implications for Food Policy Agricultural

Milu Muyanga & T.S. Jayne

  Policy Brief No. 19 - Can Irrigation be an Answer to Kenya’s Food Security Problem?

Dennis C Otieno, Lilian Kirimi, and Nicholas Odhiambo

  Policy Brief No. 18 - Cost of Maize Production under Different Systems in Kenya: The Role of Policy Interventions

Joseph Opiyo, Lilian Kirimi, Ephiphania Kinyumu and Joyce Makau

  Policy Brief No. 17 - Let it Rain: Weather Extremes and Household Welfare in Rural Kenya

Wineman A, Justus Ochieng, Nicole Mason, and Lilian Kirimi

  Policy Brief No. 16 - Implication of Excise Duty on Sorghum Value-Chain

Joseph Opiyo

  Policy Brief No. 15 - Uptake of Crop Insurance in Kenya in the Face of Climate Change

Lilian Kirimi, Eric Njue and Mary Mathenge

  Policy Brief No. 14 - Effects of Climate Variability and Change on Agricultural Production: the Case of Small-scale Farmers in Kenya

Justus Ochieng’, Lilian Kirimi, and Mary Mathenge

  Policy Brief No. 13 - The Status of the Agricultural Sector after Devolution to County Governments

Timothy Njagi, Lilian Kirimi, Kevin Onyango, and Ephiphania Kinyumu 

  Policy Brief No. 12 - An Analysis of Agricultural Sector Funding By County Governments, March 2014

Timothy Njagi, Lilian Kirimi, Kevin Onyango, and Ephiphania Kinyumu

  Policy Brief No. 11 - The effects of Kenya’s ‘smarter’ input subsidy program on crop production, incomes, and poverty

Nicole M. Mason, Ayala Wineman, Lilian Kirimi, and David Mather

  Policy Brief No. 10 - Implications of Implementation of the VAT Act, 2013 on Animal Feeds, October 2013

Timothy Njagi, Mercy Kamau, Raphael Gitau, Kevin Onyango, Ephiphania Kinyumu, and Mary Mathenge

  Policy Brief No. 9 - Strengthening Staple Food Markets in Eastern and Southern Africa: Toward an Integrated Approach, February 2013

T.S. Jayne, John Olwande,Mary Mathenge

  Policy Brief No. 8 - Potential effects of the imposition of value added tax on agricultural inputs and sifted maize meal, October 2012

Raphael Gitau, John Olwande, Mary Mathenge, Lilian Kirimi, Mercy Kamau

  Policy Brief No. 7 - How can Kenya better manage maize prices? Effects of import tariffs, regional trade and producer price support

Mercy Kamau, Mary Mathenge, Lilian Kirimi

  Policy Brief No. 6 - Impacts of USAID-Funded Programs on Smallholder Income in Kenya

M. Smale, M. K. Mathenge, T.S. Jayne, E. Magalhaes, J. Olwande, L. Kirimi, M. Kamau, J. Githuku

  Policy Brief No. 5 - A Farm Gate-to-Consumer Value Chain Analysis of Kenya's Maize Marketing System

Lilian Kirimi, Nicholas Sitko, T.S. Jayne, Francis Karin, Milu Muyanga, Megan Sheahan, James Flock, Gilbert Bor

  Policy Brief No. 4 - Productivity Trends and Performance of Dairy Farming in Kenya

Stella Wambugu,Lilian Kirimi, Joseph Opiyo

  Policy Brief No. 3 - Market Participation among Poor Rural Households in Kenya

John Olwande, Mary Mathenge

  Policy Brief No. 2 - Trade and Agricultural Competitiveness: A Case of Wheat and Rice Production in Kenya

Raphael Gitau, Samuel Mburu, Mary K. Mathenge, Melinda Smale

  Policy Brief No. 1C - Relating Food Expenditure to Food Insecurity in Urban Households: The Case of Nairobi

Mercy Kamau, J. Olwande, J. Githuku

  Policy Brief No. 1B - Prevalence and Depth of Hunger in Poor Households Nairobi and Adequacy of Cash Transferred

Mercy Kamau, J. Olwande, J. Githuku

  Policy Brief No. 1A - Changes in Food Consumption and Expenditures among Households in Nairobi

Mercy Kamau, J. Olwande, J. Githuku