Tegemeo at the Egerton University 8th International Conference, 26-28th March 2014

The Institute was yet again well represented at the just concluded 8th Egerton University International Conference that took place on the 26th - 28th March 2014.

Three presentations were made at the Conference which had drawn participants from various parts of the country and regions beyond our borders.

The Institute was also part of the many exhibitors at the Conference, where participants were given a feel of what the Institute does on a day to day basis at the stand that incorporated a display of the various products from the Institute, as well as a tour through the official website.

Many participants showed interest in the work done by the Institute and even sought to revert back to us on various aspects in the course of their work.

Being a research Institute under the Egerton University’s Division of Research and Extension, the Institute participates in such events annually.                                          

The following are the presentations that were delivered by the Institute staff at the Conference: