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Tegemeo Institute shares its findings on the VAT Act 2013 at ATPAF-ESA meeting

Dr. Timothy Njagi represented the Institute at the recent Agricultural Trade Policy Advisory Forum for Eastern and Southern Africa stakeholders (ATPAF-ESA), October 2013.

The ATPAF–ESA is a technical platform whose membership is drawn from governments, research and academia, regional and international organizations in the agricultural sector and development partners. One of the key roles of the forum is to offer evidence-based advice on appropriate policies for enhanced trade, investment in agriculture, food security and regional integration.

Dr. Njagi presented a study which provided some evidence-based national agricultural policy advice.

The Agricultural Trade Policy Advisory Forum For Eastern and Southern Africa (ATPAF-ESA) stakeholders meeting was held to form clusters to monitor policy, enhance evidence gathering, capacity building and to create dialogue and advocacy.


The Vat Act 2013 on Animal Feeds



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